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Posted on 10/08/2017 by David

Cottages that look good in pictures book quickly so it’s important that your property is well presented. Some careful thought on the layout, furnishings and decoration will transform a room into an inviting space that stands out to potential guests scouring the web for holiday cottages. It will also improve the guests’ experience during their stay. Some people seem to have a natural talent for decoration and styling while the rest of us scratch our heads and ponder for hours over the colour of a wall or what sofa should I buy? We sought out some advice from people who have been doing this for years and spoke to Nicki and Bethan of Synergy Interiors. Specialising in holiday cottages they have worked with many cottage owners to create some wonderfully styled properties. There are lots of things to consider so rather than just giving us a couple of tips they have produced an alphabet of design advice.

Below is part 1 of their A to Z of interior styling:  

Atmosphere. You want your holiday cottage to stand out for the right reasons.  Create an atmosphere that is appropriate to your cottage and location.  Decide on a style or theme and stick to it.

Balance. Make sure that you have chosen your interiors with style and functionality. 

Co-ordinate. Once you have decided on your style or theme use it to flow from room to room. Avoid the temptation to clutter up the holiday home with mis-matched accessories and be strict and honest about it.

Diligence. Imagine your home from the photographers’ perspective. Make it as photogenic as possible so that your marketing images are attractive and interesting.

Economical common sense. Your big spends will be sofas, curtains & blinds. We recommend quality here with designs and colours that stand the test of time. Interesting focal points like throw cushions and rugs can be cheaper and changed more frequently.

Features. You can make big design statements with a feature wall, piece of interesting art - a lovely lamp in the right place. Address any empty corners or blank spaces and use them to your advantage.

Gorgeous fabrics. Try not to be too boring! Go the extra mile and create something fabulous.  It’s better to be remembered for a unique item than forgotten because everything was too samey.

Harmonize. Bring everything together by keeping true to your style or theme. 

Illuminate. You can create a great atmosphere with clever lighting. Whether you need ambient, background or task lighting will influence the lighting you choose. 

Justify the costs. It is worth making the investment. Your guests will feel the love and care that you have taken, appreciate it and be more likely to book again.

Keep up the good work. Make sure your maintenance schedule is on track to preserve your interior fixtures and finishings.

Luxury. Customers love to feel that their holiday is a treat and that they have not been short changed on quality. 

Mindful. Don’t ignore places like the landing/entrance/washroom. These can easily be overlooked but all help to complete the look and feel of your cottage.


Hopefully this has given you some pointers but if you need some advice or would prefer someone to take on the whole project for you Synergy Interiors are based in Anglesey and can cover the whole North Wales area.


Look out for part 2, N to Z.

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