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Event Bangor Science Festival, Gwynedd
March 10TH - 19th 2017, Bangor University

The Bangor Science Festival – which takes place each year at Bangor University, as part of the British Science Week – offers a little scientific something for people of all ages and backgrounds. There are events for school groups, adults, families and science professionals, allowing everyone to get in on the event.

This year marks the sixth time the University has hosted the event, and although none of the activities, displays, exhibitions and talks have been announced for this year just yet, we can assume it is going to be just as fantastic as last year.

2016’s Bangor Science Festival saw a wide variety of events, including tours of the museum and aquarium, as well as tours of more rarely-seen parts of the uni, such as the microbiology and cancer labs. There were also loads of hands-on activities, suitable for the whole family, like how scientists extract DNA from fruit, looking at things through a microscope, and even learning how to make slime.

One thing that happens every year is the Hidden Worlds exhibition. This includes tours, science activities, live animals and even live “flash bang” chemistry shows. The whole family can get in on the excitement, making for a great day out.

Image copy-right and courtesy of Bangor University. 


The Bangor Science Festival is likely to be signposted on the day of the festival but is central to Bangor. Parking is available but may be busy. 

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