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Rainy Day Activities Beaumaris Gaol , Anglesey
Opening times: Easter to October
Price: Adults £5.40, Children £4.35

Built by Hansom in 1829, Beaumaris Gaol might not be a functioning prison these days but it’s still an interesting day out for the whole family. Walking through the dimly-lit corridors is an eerie experience as you learn all about what prison life was life in Victorian times and hear some of the sad tales of the inmates.

The gaol has housed a number of interesting prisoners over the years, the most famous probably being Richard Rowlands. Despite protesting his innocence, he was executed for the murder of his father in law in 1862. According to local legend he put a curse on the clock in the church tower opposite the scaffold and it is said that to this day the clock has never shown the right time.

After it ceased to be a prison, the gaol served a number of purposes and has been a police station and a children’s clinic over the years. During the second world war it was used as the location for the town’s air raid siren. This also remained operational during the Cold War in case of nuclear attacks.

Audio tours are available and there is also a gift shop available on site.


Image source: CC-by-SA 2.0 by Jeff Buck.

Banner Image Source: CC-by-SA 2.0 by Ian Taylor.


Beaumaris Gaol is found on the Isle of Anglesey.

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