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Event Conwy Seed Fair, Conwy
monday 27th March 2017, High Street and Lancaster Square, Conwy

This charter fair dates back a truly impressive 700 years or so, originally founded by King Edward I. The prescribed date for the Seed Fair is the 26th March, set by the Royal Charter of Edward I, but as this is a Sunday in 2017 the fair will be on the 27th March.

Organised by the Conwy Beekeepers, the Seed Fair is a major event in the Conwy calendar, and has real local flavour. Both the High Street and Lancaster Square will be filled with stalls of all shapes and sizes, offering up a wide variety of products, such as local crafts, homemade produce, jars of delectable local honey and, of course, a range of plants and seeds, many of which can be difficult to get hold of.

Admission is free, but you’ll want to bring plenty of money with you – there are so many tempting things on offer here. Disabled access is good, although the High Street is paved with flagstones, so you may wish to take care. The Seed Fair runs from 9am through to 4pm.

The same group also orgamise the Honey Fair, this year on the 13th September 2017 

Image by Conwy Beekeepers


The Conwy Seed Fair is held in Conwy High Street & Lancaster Square.

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