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This walk is a rather more challenging one, totalling just over seven miles in length, making a circle up and around Cnicht, often regarded as the Matterhorn of Wales. The mountainous scenery is well worth the effort, but make sure you are well prepared for the trek.

Begin at the car park in Croesor, then cross the bridge and go up through the village. The estate – of which the village is a part – was owned by Clough Williams-Ellis, the architect who designed the Italianate village of Portmeirion.

Head up the ridge. Cnicht isn’t as high as it looks, measuring just 689 metres, but it can be a tricky climb, though one that is definitely worth it for the views.

Turn right at Llyn yr Adar, following the boggy path to the old slate quarry. You may wish to bring a map and a compass to get through this section.

Head down the old quarrying path, along the tramway, and over the bridge. Follow along, slowly descending down the valley, stopping to take in the magnificent views.

Keep going, past the 110 year old power station, and continue past the farmhouses. This will take you back to your starting point, but not before taking you to a lovely café where you can reward yourself for your hard work.

Image Source: CC by-SA 2.0 by Matt Buck

Image Source: CC by-SA 2.0 by Matt Buck


This walk begins at the car park in Croesort through the village of Portmeirion, a beautiful Italianesque location. 

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