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Ynys y Fydlyn – or Fydlyn Beach in English – is a secluded little beach that you can find sheltered among the rocky islets of the north western corner of the Isle of Anglesey. It rarely receives a great number of visitors, perhaps because it is rather tricky to find if you’re not looking for it. If you do want to visit, go via the coastal path from Holyhead and the way will soon become apparent.

Apart from its relative solitude and tranquillity, the main advantage of Fydlyn Beach is that it is a dog friendly beach. This will come as great news to dog owners, as they can bring along their canine friends to enjoy the sands at any time throughout the year.

The beach is located at the foot of the wooded valley, which provides a great place for some exploration. There is also a small lake nearby, which is a lovely place for a quiet stroll, and on the beach further exploration can be had – there are a number of small caves here, which are ripe for discovery.

Head back to Holyhead to finish off your day; you will find plenty of cafés and restaurants to enjoy here.

Image source: CC By-SA 2.0 by Jeff Buck


Fydlyn Beach is located near Holyhead in Anglesey. Parking is just a short walk away, but take in the views along the way. They are spectacular! 

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