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Located within the boundaries of the gorgeous Snowdonia National Park, Gwydir Forest (also spelled Gwydyr) takes its name from the Gwydir family, who owned the castle and the estate of which this forest was a part.

The forest circles the village of Betws y Coed, covering an area of about 28 square miles. This massive area provides endless space for your dog (and you!) to roam about in unhindered. Feel free to let your canine pal (or pals) off the lead, and they can explore the woodland at their own pace.

It is a truly idyllic place, filled with plenty of lakes and rivers for them to be splashing about in. It’s not as dark and enclosed as many other forests, allowing for some fabulous views over the valleys and mountains of the National Park, which you can enjoy as the dogs run free.

The heartland of the forest has been a Forest Park for more than twenty years, making it a major attraction. Keep an eye out as you walk the dog through the woods, as a wide range of bird and animal life calls Gwydir their home – look out for buzzards, foxes, goshawks, black grouse and lesser horseshoe bats. 


Gwydir Forest can be found in the Conwy borough within the Snowdonia National Park. It is not far from Betws-y-coed and Blaenau Festiniog. There are car parks located nearby. 

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The most popular inland resort in North Wales, partly due to its convenience as a location but mostly thanks to its beauty and splendour. A lot of the village dates back to the Victorians, and their influence still abounds in the buildings. Surrounded by the dense forestry and imposing mountains of the region, Betws-y-Coed feels pleasantly out of the way.

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A word of caution: this walk is not for the faint of heart, but if you’re fit and experienced, it can be well worth the effort for the spectacular views you’ll encounter. If you’re heading out in the winter months, you’ll need proper winter kit to complete it – a good coat, an ice axe, and crampons – so that probably tells you a little of the difficulties you’ll be facing.

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Snowdonia – known in its native Welsh as Eryri, which is often translated to “place of the eagles” – is a beautiful part of the United Kingdom. Covering 823 square miles of idyllic Welsh countryside, mountains, rivers, lakes, forests and beaches, Snowdonia is paradise for any hiker, climber, fisher, swimmer, sailor, surfer, sunbather, potholer, zip-liner… the list goes on.

Swallow Falls in the Conwy Valley Cottages in Betws y Coed

A great location to holiday on the edge of the Snowdonia National Park where 3 rivers meet and join together. Surrounded by tree covered mountains there is an alpine feel to this town. The main street is full of outdoor and climbing shops, testament to the its popularity with walkers, mountaineers and cyclists. A beautiful location and convenient to explore Snowdonia and the Conwy Valley.

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All of these cottages accept pets so all the family can come on holiday together. North Wales is a great place for dogs with plenty of open space if needed. There's no extra charge either!