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Pensarn Beach is just found just outside of Abergele in Conwy. The beach is shingled and pebbly, with an adjoining promenade that is the perfect place for a nice seaside stroll. It is also suitable for wheelchair users, with great disabled access.

Because of its Seaside Award, parts of the beach are dog restricted. This means that dogs are not allowed on these parts between May and September. However, there are some parts which are dog friendly all year round, and outside of these months dogs are welcome at any time.

It has also been given the Green Coast Award, as well as being recognised as a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) for being the best example of a vegetated shingle bank in the area. Budding botanists will enjoy their time here, as the ridge is home to a number of rare species of flora, such as sea radish, sea kale and Ray’s knotgrass.

Activities you can take part in here include kayaking, canoeing and wind surfing. If you wish to enjoy a longer walk with the dog, you can follow the North Wales Coastal Path from just above the beach. This trail will take you along the finest areas of the North Wales coast.

Image source: CC-by-SA 2.0 by Eirian Evans


Pensarn Beach is found in Abergele, Conwy. There is parking available along the promenade for you to pop your dogs (and yourselves) into after a long day! 

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