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Event Wales Harp Festival, Caenarfon
1st - 7th April 2018, Doc Victoria, Caernarfon

The Wales Harp Festival is the place to be for any lover of classical music or, in fact, for any lover of music of any description. It is a fantastic event that occurs on an annual basis, showcasing the finest harpists from all over the British Isles.

Directed by the internationally renowned harpist, Elinor Bennett, the Wales Harp Festival is a celebration of all things harp. Last year, the festival celebrated the fifteenth anniversary of the CGWM, with well-known Welsh harpists such as Rhiain Dyer, Glain Dafydd and Angharad Wyn Jones taking part, and this year promises to be both bigger and better.

Located within the town walls of the beautiful city of Caernarfon, the Wales Harp Festival is a lovely event taking place in even lovelier surroundings. In terms of the events, there is something for everyone. There are, of course, a variety of different live performances from acclaimed harpists, but there’s also a selection of lectures and workshops, and even tuition is available, perfect for harpists of any and all ages and ability levels.



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