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Posted on 25/02/2016 by David

In the UK, we’re lucky to have a vast array of tricky and enjoyable climbs. Whether you’re a passionate climber, or still learning the ropes, you can be sure that there is a spot somewhere within the UK which will not only make for a great climb but offer you some spectacular scenery along the way. 

Here are 10 UK climbing destinations that you will not want to leave off your climbing bucket list! 

1. Wall of the Dead

 The mountains, cliffs and crags of North Wales offer some of the country’s best climbing hot spots. If you’re really up to challenge yourself as a climber, the Wall of the Dead is located within the Ogwen Valley; a place which is thought to be directly linked with the history of British rock climbing. Climbers have noted that the first half of this climb can defeat many, but the top half is well worth pursuing. This location lends itself to hours, if not days, of ‘climbing heaven’ so why not make a winter weekend of it, or enjoy the summer weather and stay in North Wales for a week?

 2. Wyndcliffe Quarry

 Set in the Wye Valley, this climb is great for beginners on a cold, dry day. This is not the most basic of climbs, so it would be advisable you have climbed previous to this. There are over 60 recorded routes, so choosing one that is appropriate for your level is easy. With views over the valley, this is one that beginners’ shouldn’t miss!

 3. Trevor Rocks 

 Trevor Rocks

Image Source: CC-by-SA 2.0 by Espresso Addict

Overlooking the Dee Valley, Llangollen climbs on the Trevor Rocks have breath taking views over the medieval Dinas Bran fort remains. There are over 10 separate climbing walls so why not try a couple whilst your there? Described as an easy-angled climb, there are different routes for climbers of different experience levels. Word of warning, if it’s blustery – stay away! These walls are very exposed.

 4. Castlebergh Crag

 Pre-2009, this Yorkshire crag was not climbed on. However, once t cleaned-up and transformed, it has become a delightful spot for climbers of all abilities. There are routes for intermediates but for those climbers wanting to push themselves – this crag also allows for more advanced routes. This is a great route for windy days as it is sheltered but loose rocks still remain, so be sure to wear a helmet.

 5. Pillar Rock

Pillar Rock

Image Source: CC-by-SA 3.0 by Bobble Hat

 Pillar Rock, situated in Wasdale (Lake District) has a variety of routes for climbers. The “Slab & Notch” route being the easiest is known to be around a grade 3 scramble – best for intrepid scramblers. It is quite difficult to find and although classed as a scramble, it is recommended that climbing equipment (and experience) is needed to face Pillar Rock. Experience of abseiling may also be necessary.

 6. Llanberis Pass

 Llanberis Pass

Image Source: CC-by-SA 2.0 by Herbert Ortner

 Llanberis is known to be the ‘heart’ of Snowdonian climbing. Known to the climbing community simply as “The Pass”, it provides high quality multi-pitch climbing and bouldering. Recently re-bolted, this area provides more routes than ever from beginner-friendly routes to more advanced sport routes.

7. Land’s End 

This is climbing with a difference. Right at the bottom of the UK, on the coast, are cliffs which are not only superb in their scenery but make for interesting tidal climbing. If you are afraid of getting a little wet on your adventure, this may not be the spot for you – the sea is often a little choppy. It can also be quite a trial of endurance as climbers must commit to a long old climb once they begin!

 8. Tremadog 

Situated to the southwest of Snowdon, Tremadog is dryer than other mountains in Snowdonia, making it a more climber-friendly, especially during the winter months. Tremadog offers multi-pitch traditional routes of up to 100m long as well as easier routes. This is a popular area for climbers, which offers golden dolerite rock, which is known to be quick-drying – perfect for climbers!

 9. Stanage Popular

 Stanage Poplar

  Image Source: CC-by-SA 3.0 by The Tippler

 Stanage is a particularly popular crag to visit but don’t let this put you off – it is loved by climbers for a reason! With stunning views over the mountains in the Peak District, this is a climb you will never forget. Although it is not a particularly high route, the different sides to this crag mean that it can be challenging. The difficultly is largely weather dependent, but it sturdy clothing is recommended. 

10. Gogarth

 Located on the coast of Anglesey, near Holyhead, these dramatic cliffs are considered as some of the best in the UK for climbing. With several cliffs within the area, the main cliff is for experience climbers who are up for a challenge. It has a unique ambience around the mountain, which is thought to bring climbers back year on year, each time discovering something new in another adventure.

Will you be adding any of these climbing spots to your bucket list? If you want to try out the ones situated in North Wales, which is paradise for keen climbers, why not make a week of it and stay in a nearby cottage?