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Posted on 22/12/2015 by David

Your winter getaway is a chance for a great, and often much-needed, catch-up with the girls. Spend some time away from the everyday madness of daily life, and take the time you promised yourself you’d spend with your nearest and dearest friends, utterly guilt-free! 

girls nightWhether you decide to spend your time walking on the beach and grabbing some fish and chips, sitting in a pub, visiting a day spa or having one big pyjama day catching up with the latest goings-on in your lives, there is no place more suited to a revitalising weekend than in a cottage in North Wales.

Whether you prepare your food in advance to take with you, or rustle up something once you get there, here are some suggestions for yummy winter food for your girly-getaway:

Main Meals

A winter stew

A stew is a great dish to prepare in the slow-cooker before you go away or while you enjoy a few drinks before dinner. Stew is a winter-warmer that is perfect for after dinner, but can also be warmed up for lunch the next day. A traditional Welsh cawl is between a soup and a stew with lots of vegetables and welsh lamb, served with lovely fresh bread. If any of your lovely ladies are veggie, why not swap the meat for lentils or chickpeas for an equally delicious and warming dish. Win-win!

Warm Winter Salad

Sometimes you may prefer something a little lighter (so you can fit in more sweet treats or wine!). A warm winter salad includes all you would want from a main meal, whilst sitting a little lighter for the rest of the night. There are plenty of warm salads to choose from whether it be a winter-vegetable salad or a warm spaghetti-squash salad. Delicious!

Home-made Veggie Soup 

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Again, this is a dish which can be prepared in advance of your trip. If you’ve enjoyed a pub lunch or a few scrumptious afternoon cakes, soup can be a smaller dinner for you. It’s quick and easy to heat up and can be eaten with some tasty welsh rarebit for the perfect dinner.

Camembert Fondue

This is a really easy dish to prepare, decadent and delicious. Simply stick some high-quality Camembert in the oven for 20 minutes or so, for a meal that cheese-lovers will melt over. Tear up a fresh baguette, and serve with some vegetable crudites, cranberry and nuts for a fun sharing experience. Yum!

After-dinner Sweet Treats 

If you can’t indulge on a girly weekend away, when can you? A fun idea is to bring back those happy childhood memories with a big chocolate fondue, accompanied with oodles of marshmallows and fresh fruit.

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Midnight Snack

Dinner may have been served, but if you’re cuddling up with a film and a warm open fire, why not try making traditional American s’mores? Or for a savoury snack, Nachos are always a sure favourite.  

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Enjoy your time away!

A girly-getaway is a chance for you to catch-up with friends.  A cottage is the perfect location, as you have space and the freedom to do whatever you please (hot tubs or dance party karaoke anyone?!).

If you have any great winter girly-getaway food ideas, why not let us know your favourites in the comments below?