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Posted on 24/05/2016 by David

North Wales is known for its picturesque walks, beautiful climbing spots, and delicious delicacies, but did you know it’s also home to some of the best surfing beaches in the UK? If you’re the type who spends every free moment by the sea, then what are you waiting for – next stop, North Wales!

Even if you’ve never surfed before, a week spent surfing the waves on the beautiful North Wales coast in your wetsuit is unbeatable.

Here are 6 surfing spots you really need to check out:

1. Porth Neigwl, Llyn Peninsula 

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Porth Neigwl is a picturesque, clean beach, and great for surfing beginners. This beach has varying wave heights, which means that dependent on weather, this beach is also suited to more experienced surfers. There are frequent sightings of bottlenose dolphins within this particular bay, too! For a pre, post, or mid-surfing break, there are plenty of beautiful surrounding walks, plus the scenery makes for a great picnic location!

2. Barmouth Beach, Gwynedd

No matter what time of year, there’s always great waves at Barmouth Beach. It’s great for surfers who want to be challenged, as with different tides and wave directions, no surf is the same here. When the tide is low, it’s the perfect spot for children and families to do some body-boarding or to give surfing a go for the first time. If the waves are high, why not sit back (with a picnic, of course!) and watch the pros do what they’re best at.

3. Surf Snowdonia

 Surf Snowdonia

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Surf Snowdonia has caused a sensation in the surfing world and it is the only place in North Wales which has held a surfing world championship. The major benefit of choosing Surf Snowdonia as your surf destination is that there are always guaranteed waves, and even on a busy day this amazing 300-metre surf lagoon offers plenty of space for both seasoned surfers and those who’ve never tried before! There’s also a Crash & Splash lagoon, kayaking and a soft play area.

4. Traeth Llydan, Rhosneigr Anglesey

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Known in English as Broad Beach, this beach is a hub of water-based activity! From surfing, to wakeboarding, to kite surfing, there’s plenty of opportunity to dabble. Traeth Llydan is a great spot for surfing due to its westerly direction, meaning it picks up ‘swell’ from the south west. The local area is a great spot for bird watchers too, if surfing’s not your thing. 

5. Porth Oer, Aberdaron

 Porth Oer

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Avid surfers, take note! Porth Oer, otherwise known as Whistling Sands, on the Llyn Peninsula is a fantastic spot for experienced surfers who have experience with large rip tides and currents. The best time to visit Porth Oer is at high tide, when the breaks are best. This beach has gorgeous sands, so it’s an ideal spot for a family picnic!

6. Porth Trecastell, Anglesey

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Porth Trecastell, found on the Isle of Anglesey, has some good sized waves. Otherwise known as Cable Bay, it’s often frequented by kayakers and body boarders, so when the weather is nice and the waves are high, it attracts the crowds. Porth Trecastell is a delightful spot for an afternoon of water sports.

These beaches give you the perfect opportunity to embrace your adventurous side. There’s plenty of beautiful cottages, too, so you can spend your evenings cuddled up by the fire after a long day of exploring North Wales’ stunning coast.  

Can you recommend any other great surfing beaches? Let us know in the comments below!