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Posted on 21/04/2016 by David

North Wales is one of the best places to go if you’re planning a family holiday with the kids, with plenty of things to do and whatever the weather. If you’re considering a cottage escape, there are some must-packs when you’re visiting North Wales to keep the little monkeys happy…

1. Games & Cards

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Whether your little ones get argumentative over a competitive game of Monopoly, love to put their knowledge to use in a game of scrabble or squabble over who said ‘snap’ first – board games or cards are a great way to take the attention off the electrical devices, just for a couple of days or so! Going ‘back to basics’, as they would think of it, is a way to get people talking and making an afternoon or evening fly by.

2. Items for Your Own Home Cinema

After a long day taking in the fresh country air, there is nothing like settling down on a comfy sofa with some popcorn and sweets to watch a film. This is one of the major benefits of renting a cottage instead of staying in a hotel; there is plenty of space to relax as a family and kick back! Pack some family friendly DVDs and some microwavable popcorn and… relax.

3. Essential 'Day Out' Equipment

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If you’re planning jam-packed days, be sure to take everything you need to avoid having to buy twice. If you’re going to a coastal resort, dig out your bucket and spades for hours of sandy-fun!

If you’re heading to the countryside and mountains, for bike rides and long strolls, pack a picnic basket and cool bag (with ice packs). Many of the best walks and bike routes have idyllic picnic spots for you to tuck in to a delicious feast. Take a picnic blanket that folds easily, too. 

4. All-Weather Clothing

The weather in North Wales can be unpredictable and the last thing you want is to be stuck in the rain without a sturdy coat. As they say: there’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing!

Wellies, a good waterproof and a hat and gloves (dependent on the season) are all must-haves. Pop a brollie or two in the boot, too. Of course, be sure to pack your sun hats and sun cream too!

5. Drinks & Nibbles - for the journey!

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 We know it’s important to have something to occupy the kids on your drive to North Wales, so remember to pack a variety of snacks and drinks for the journey. Perhaps take something to eat that night and something for breakfast. Once you have arrived, take advantage of all the delicious food and drink North Wales has on offer by visiting a local farm shop!

After a hectic day trying to tire out your energetic kids, it’s time for you to sit back relax, crack open a bottle of wine and indulge in some amazing Welsh delicacies. Remember, this is your holiday too! Whether you sit and watch a more grown up film instead of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2, or have some time to finally finish that book you’ve been dying to read –cuddle up next to a warm fire for the perfect relaxation at your cottage escape. 

6. Those Little Extras You May Forget!

When planning a trip away, we often forget those little extras which may cost us money to buy when we go away. Don’t forget things such as; snacks,  a torch, puzzle books, swimming gear, a first aid kit and that very important alarm clock – you don’t want to be sleeping and miss out!

Whether you spend a week taking in the beautiful scenery and the outdoors, or take advantage of all the huge amount of activities North Wales has to offer, it is a great place to take the kids for a week away.

Why not begin planning your exciting holiday now, and take a look at all the cottages we have on offer?