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Posted on 21/06/2017 by David

Dear Humans, thank you so much for bringing me with you to your holiday cottage!

I love North Wales, with its mountain boulders to sniff, forests to run round in and those wide open beaches to go chasing my favourite chewed-up ball.

You might think my whole life is a holiday but North Wales is even better! I'll be a good boy, behave in the cottage and stay off the furniture. Remember to pack for me too, though. Take my things and I'll settle in nice and quick, so you can enjoy your well-earned break as well.

Swedish elkhound

pawprintPlease take my bed. I know some holiday cottage owners are nice enough to provide cages for sleeping at night, but nothing beats my own bed or my own cage. It makes me feel safe and smells of me - and as you know, that's the best smell in the whole world!

pawprintTowels! I like swimming! I like mud! I need towels!

pawprintI have the attention span of a gnat, and I'm bored just as fast. So please don't forget my favourite toys. Chews for the cottage, throwy-things for the beach. Woof woof! (dog-speak for "get on with it")

pawprintI know this is your favourite job and I wouldn't want anything to spoil your holiday. Bring plenty of poop bags and keep a few stuffed in your pocket for when I'm caught short. Just remember they're there when you reach in for a handkerchief. Woof! (dog-speak for "oops!")

pawprintDon't forget my leash! North Wales might be filled with big open spaces but sometimes there are livestock and sheep about. I don't blame farmers for being angry when we chase sheep, but you can't blame us for thinking it's just a bit of fun either. Keep me under control when I'm near other animals.

pawprintAs well as food bring plenty of my favourite treats. It's my holiday too! I'll work it off on the beach, I promise - my body is a temple.

It's not a big list, is it? I'm no trouble at all really. I'm just so pleased you're bringing me along. Remember my things and I promise to be a good boy.

Just one thing - please let me go a little bit mad when I first run onto the beach? Please? Waggy-tail please?

cute dog

Paws sincerely,


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