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Posted on 12/05/2016 by David

Spending time away in a cottage with the family is a great opportunity for you and the kids to put down your phones/tablets for a while, and spend some quality time together. If you’re looking for a way to get the family talking, there’s nothing better than a board game! Whether your kids are super-competitive, squabbling about who actually won the game, or not – it’s a fantastic way to have fun whilst you’re away. Plus, your kids may realise they can spend time away from snapchat and the virtual world!

Here are some of our favourite family-friendly games for you to try this holiday:

For young children…

1. Pie Face

Who will get a pie or a wet sponge to the face? This game is sure to have the whole family in stiches as you wait for who will have the final turn to trigger the pie-throwing arm. An easy game to play with your little ones who can battle it out between themselves to be crowned victorious! 

2. Operation


Operation is a game which never gets old, who will have a surgeon-steady hand and who will hit the buzzer? This is one where your kids may win with their smaller hands, so you better get practicing! This is an exciting game for the kids as they will try and try again to “operate”, making their patient feel better.

3. Buckaroo

Buckaroo is a family classic! Take a risk whilst piling as many things on the donkey as you can before he “buck, buck, buckaroos”! This laugh a minute game is one which will never disappoint, and for young kids, it is sure to become a whole family favourite.

4. DOH Nutters 

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Watch your little one’s face light up when you show them the masks they get to wear for this great game! Once the whole family has their elephant masks on, who will be the first to all their doughnuts on their trunk? Watch as the kids concentrate to become the winner, each doughnut becoming more difficult than the last!

5. Sshh! Don’t Wake Dad!

 Like real life, the aim of this game is to sneak the chocolate cake out of the fridge without Dad finding out! The aim of the game is to sneak past dad making sure that you don’t set his alarm clock off. You may find the kids are better at planning their sneaky trip than you think!


For older children…

6. Cluedo

It’s time for you and the kids to get your detective hat on, figure out who did it and where? It’s the mystery everyone wants to solve. Was it Colonel Mustard in the dining room with the candlestick? Who in your family could have a career as a detective? Play and find out!

7.  Jenga Quake

A twist on family-favourite Jenga, Jenga Quake has random ‘earthquake’ moments where the whole tower will vibrate, sometimes falling over. Who will have a steadiest hand whilst playing this game? Will you manage to take your turn before a quake takes the whole tower down?

8.  5 Second Rule

This is a game which will really keep the whole family on their toes. Each player gets a card which will ask them to name 3 types of a certain thing. For example; name 3 places in North Wales; Llandudno, Conwy and Abersoch. Okay, it may not be that difficult for the kids but the player only has 5 seconds to answer. There can be no ‘umming and ‘ahhing in this game, so make sure you keep wits about you!

9. Monopoly World Edition

 Monopoly World

Of course, no list of family-friendly board games without the classic Monopoly. Take a trip around the world with Monopoly World Edition, visit a whole host of exciting locations such as Cape Town, Tokyo and Athens! This game is one to do when you have a whole evening or afternoon to spare after a long day in the fresh countryside air!

10. Logo Lite

This is a game where the TV-watching generation may win! With 260 brands to answer questions about, this game can be played over and over again, it won’t get boring. Get the question right, and spin the wheel to see which colour counter you have won - first one to get all the colours wins!

There really is nothing like quality time with the family. Pack up your car with board games, and books for some quiet time after days of playing in the fresh countryside in North Wales. Check out our cottages to see where your family could spend a week together….