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Posted on 11/10/2016 by David

With all its mountains and craggy peaks, North Wales is a haven for rock climbers’ both novice and professional. There are hundreds of places to pitch your ropes!

We’ve done some research so you don’t have to – here are some of the best places to go rock climbing in North Wales… Rock Climbing

1. Craig Bwlch y Moch, Tremadog

This is undoubtedly one of the best crags in Wales, with routes up to as high as 250ft; it’s an exhilarating climb which is popular with climbers.

With a range of rock climbing across all grades, from the strangely-named Christmas Curry to Strawberries – there are several routes to challenge you!

2. Llanberis Pass, Llanberis

Llanberis Pass is a crag-infested mountain which has many classic routes for climbers. Although it is not as high quality as other crags, it has some simple pitch climbs which offer an easier start for novice climbers.

There are loose holds in places, so be sure to test them out before committing to your move.

3. Dinas Cromlech, Llanberis

There are over 70 different climbing routes at Dinas Cromlech with varying routes from the professional-only ‘Lord of the Flies’ route, to the ‘Spiral Stairs’ measured as very difficult in the climbing community.

It is important to only attempt this when the rock is dry, but it does dry very quickly – so a spot of rain shouldn’t put you off. It’s a popular spot for climbers, so on a warm day or bank holiday, make sure you get there early!

4. Dinas Mot, LlanberisMountain Climbing Equipment In Mirabad Nishapur 01

Located on the north ridge of Crib Goch, Dinas Mot can be seen within the south side of the valley.

It is a great spot for climbing, with hundreds of routes in the area. Why not hire a cottage within the valley and spend some time exploring the crags in the surrounding area?

One of the most popular routes is ‘Salem’s Slab’, around 45 metres from ‘Dracula Spectacula’, a HSV route which offers spectacular views of the valley.

5. Cyrn Las, Llanberis

This is a steep, 500 ft., crag hidden within Cwm Las. Like most of these wonderful climbing destinations, there are many routes within metres of each other. From the famous ‘Main Wall’ there are more difficult routes such as Lubyanka and The Skull to have a go at.

There’s also a great traverse down from Upper Cwn Glas if you enjoy going down as much as you do going up!

6. Craig y Ddol, Llanberis

This is a long crag with many multi-pitch routes, there are many routes, all of which are quite challenging so if you are not a seasoned climber, take someone who is!

From the aptly named ‘Ledge Way’ to the extremely challenging ‘The Pump’ route – there are over 90 documented routes to try out. Most of them should be left to the professionals, though!

7. Castle Inn Quarry, Colwyn Bay Castle Inn Quarry

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Most of the above routes require a certain level of skill, but Castle Inn Quarry is a great crag for novices who just want to give climbing a go whilst enjoying some beautiful scenery, rare butterflies and heathland flowers! 

Popular due to it being a natural sun trap, Castle Inn Quarry is the perfect spot to climb followed by a picnic in the sunshine!

These are just a few of the great destinations for climbers in North Wales. Why not spend a week exploring different climbing spots in the area?

Where’s your favourite place to go climbing? Let us know in the comments below…