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Posted on 13/09/2016 by David

You’re never too old to play a game, are you? We don’t think so! When it comes to having a grown-up getaway, whether it be with friends or family, there are plenty of games that you can get a good belly-laugh out of!

We’ve been looking at the best grown-up games and here’s what we found…

1. Mr and Mrs

If you’re going away for a week with other couples this is the perfect game to put partners to the test! How much do you really know about your loved one? Will you and your partner win Mr and Mrs? We hope you’ve been revising!

2. Bananagrams



If you like Scrabble, you’ll love Bananagrams! Known by its fans as ‘speed scrabble’, this addictive game will see you scrambling to make words, shouting random words and getting increasingly frustrated as someone gets that pesky vowel you’ve been waiting for for the entire game!

It’s small and easy to transport – but make sure you don’t lose any tiles along the way!

3. The Da Vinci Code

You’ll need to put your detective hat on for this game. Based on the film, and best-selling novel, the Da Vinci Code requires you to collect clues to solve the mysteries.

Note taking and concentration are required so set aside some quiet time after a busy day walking in the fresh air!

4. Who Knows Where



It’s a race against the clock! Who can travel around the world fastest? You and your friends will have a great time guessing which famous places are where on the map. Put your geography and general knowledge to the test with a fast-paced game of Who Knows Where?!

5. Moustache Smash

Moustache Smash will have you roaring with laughter as you release the inner child in you – plus, if you’re going away with the kids too, it can be a great game to play as a whole family.

It’s quite simple – hold up your moustache and wait for a matching one to be revealed. A snap-like gam – you’ve got to be speedy in your reactions in order to win this one!  

 6. DobbleDobble 

There’s no time to mess around with this game. Dobble is based around having a sharp eye and quick reflexes, so you’ll need to have your wits about you! Plus, it comes in a handy tin so it is the perfect game to take away to a cottage.

7. Say Anything

Say Anything is a hilarious game to play in a group. The question master will ask a question to the whole group who will then write down their answers. Whose answer will be the question master’s favourite? That’s for you to decide! 

8. The Really Nasty Horse Racing Game Horse Racing Game

Enjoy a night at the races from the comfort of a cosy cottage with The Really Nasty Horse Racing Game.

Find out who has the best poker face, who will double-cross the group without even a flinch? Will you be backing your own horse, or secretly back another, throwing your ‘really nasty’ card into the mix?

Fun and games on holiday

There’s nothing better than spending a week away in a cottage, away from the stresses and strains of everyday life. For one night, put down your mobile phone, pour a glass of wine, enjoy some Welsh delicacies and head back to your childhood for a night of games – sure to make you laugh until you cry!

What is your favourite game to play with friends? Let us know in the comments below…