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Posted on 02/08/2016 by David

Gorge walking is a fun activity to do individually or in groups, and is becoming increasingly popular, especially for team building days, school residentials and for groups of friends.

Although gorge walking is often thought of as walking in a river, it actually involves a range of different things such as waterfalls jumps, waterfall climbing, cave exploration, scrambling and climbing. An adrenaline fuelled, exciting activity for all!  

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Of course, for gorge walking you need water – which North Wales is in no short supply of. There are many rivers and streams which are ideal for just that!

Here are some great spots to try it out:


Llangollen is home to some of the best gorges in the UK! Slip and Sound Outdoors, offers a taster, or a full day of gorge walking, over gorges in different settings including a Snowdonia gorge and a private gorge set within the countryside!

Here, you will be provided with all the necessary equipment needed to run, leap and jump as you need. Plus, you’ll be taught the best technique for tackling difficult gorge crevices.


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Take part in a ‘scrambling adventure’ down the narrow gorges, against the gushing water and set upon an exciting mission with your friends! Seren Ventures will lead you down the gorge, towards the plunge pools which await you at the end.

Whether you want to spend half a day giving it a go, trying jumps, slides, abseils and water falls, or spend a whole day attempting more difficult walks - there is something for everyone in Snowdonia.


Thanks to a complex and beautiful coastline, each Anglesey gorge you encounter will be different, and requires you to think carefully about your plan of action. Anglesey Adventures will take you to gorges which offer unparalleled adventure! You will bear witness to environments showing ecosystems of the past, and an interesting array of forna.

Again, all the technical equipment you will need is provided and there is no need to have any previous experience. However, if you do, your instructor can help you to progress and work on pushing yourself to another level!

Try it!

There are many places to try gorge walking in North Wales, and this includes free walking if you are a little more advanced. Try an adventure company if you are new to gorging as they will know the gorge like the back of their hand – making sure you are safe at all times.

Why not try gorge walking alongside some other water sports activities and make a week out of it with a group of friends, or as a family? Stay in a large cottage and spend your evenings relaxed after an action-packed day!

Do you like gorging? Where’s your favourite gorge? Let us know in the comments below…