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Posted on 08/02/2016 by David


When working away from home, you’ll want to find accommodation that suits your needs and ensures that you’re comfortable and not missing the creature comforts of home too much. Renting a cottage could be the answer; here are four reasons why!

1. They’re Cost-Effective

Sharing the cost between a group of people makes a holiday cottage a very economical choice. Even for only one person it’s great value considering the amount of space you have. Prices vary throughout the year being cheaper in the low season/winter but discounts will usually apply for bookings of several weeks, and prices in many areas start from £15 per room per night.

2. Cottages are far more homely than hotel rooms

After a long day of working it makes a big difference if you can come home and relax. Whilst it won’t be your home, a holiday cottage is the next best thing. You can come and go as you please to suit your work requirements, park right next to the house, cook the types of meal that you wish to eat, have a takeaway in front of the TV or eat out at one of the many pubs, restaurants or cafes in the area! Plus, all the usual home facilities like free wifi, washing machines or even a games room (in some properties) are available for you to use and enjoy.

3. Room for All

Staying in a cottage means that you have will have a lot more space including a dedicated kitchen and separate entertainment / living spaces, so that you can truly relax after work. If you are working with a team, a cottage allows for plenty of space for everyone, and for communal areas to work or relax in which are not public.  If you’re working alone, it’s still nice to have that extra space so you don’t have to spend your time stuck in a small room and you may also wish to have extra bedrooms for your family to come and visit. 

Many company employees have reaped the benefits of renting our cottages whilst working away from home. For example, contractors at Surf Snowdonia were able to find themselves accommodation close to the site, meaning that they didn’t have to stay in a big town far away, could relax and eat as they pleased and weren't constrained to the four walls of a hotel room in the evenings. We have also placed a lot of professionals on short terms contracts such as visiting lecturers at University, consultants, and people working in at local hospitals. 

If you're moving to the area for work or for a lifestyle change, but haven’t found somewhere to live yet or are waiting for your new home to become available, then our cottages could be a comfortable and cost-effective solution to your housing needs.

If you’re working in the North Wales area – why not check out our cottages or get in touch about contractor accommodation? We’re here to help you find a cottage that matches your requirements and make your stay away from home more enjoyable.